Welcome to the family.

Even though we teach athletes and students of all levels Valhalla is first and foremost a family culture. No matter what member of your family wants to take we have always make them feel welcomed.

Rising Phoenix Kung-fu

Excellent for All Ages

Kung-fu, aka Chinese Kickboxing, is made famous in movies by actors such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.  There are 100's of different forms of Kung-fu and the style taught at Valhalla is known as Rising Phoenix.

Rising Phoenix specializes in all ranges of martial arts including punching, kicking, throwing, wrestling, self-defense, joint locking and weapons.  

For those 13 and above can also consider studying:

Judo & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Great for All Ages

These are arts that specialize in throwing, trips, sweeps, ground fighting and defense. Joint, arm, and leg locking, control holds, pins, and submissions.

Well known for being able to defeat, control, or escape larger stronger opponents with technique instead of brute strength.

VALHALLA ​Martial Arts

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