Whether you call him Coach, Sifu, or Sensei, Michael Mac Donald has had a lifelong commitment to martial arts and with that a diverse range of instructors and mentors over 30+ years of training and instruction.

"Five Families" Kung Fu Instructor:

Sifu Lee 

Hung Gar Kung Fu​ Mentor 
Muay Thai Instructor Certification awarded by:
Jan Ford former owner/chief instructor of Ford's Martial Arts in Santa Barbara

Judo Black Belt Awarded by:
Sensei Alex McCormick
4th degree Black Belt (Yodan) 

Sambo and Tae Kwon-Do 
Black Belts awarded by:
American Combat Sambo founder Vincent Ornelas who held Black Belts: 5th degree Tae Kwon-Do, 6th degree American Combat Sambo, 2nd degree Hapki-Do, 1st degree Kempo.

Boxing Instructor
Mike Lemke - Former owner of State Street Boxing Club, professional kickboxer, and training partner of Chuck Lidell.

Krav Maga Instructor Certification awarded by:

IDF Veteran Yoav Schafer

Krav Maga Training:
IDF Special Forces and Counter Terrorism Instructor Avi Schafer

Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Awarded by:

Steve Marcello Arce (Machado Lineage Black Belt)​

David Tice-Mintz (American Jiu Jitsu Black Belt)

VALHALLA ​Martial Arts

Santa Barbara's elite mixed martial arts training and fitness center

Head Instructor:

Michael L Mac Donald

Founder of Rising Phoenix Kung Fu
7th Degree Blackbelt

Combat SAMBO
3rd Degree Blackbelt

Israeli Krav Maga 
Master Instructor

2nd Degree Blackbelt

1st Degree Blackbelt  (Shodan)


Muay Thai 
​Master Instructor

Fight Record 17 W-3L
(15 KO/ 2 subs)
Pro Kickboxing 9 W-0L (9 KOs)

Amateur National Heavyweight Champion
Amateur 5W-1L (5 KOs)
MMA 3W-2L (2 subs 1 KO)