VALHALLA ​Martial Arts

Santa Barbara's elite mixed martial arts training and fitness center

​​About Us:


Valhalla Elite Training Center, originally Santa Barbara Martial Arts, was founded in 1995 by Michael Mac Donald, a master in Chinese Kickboxing(Kung-fu).  In the beginning the school was simply a self defense school specializing in family martial arts and practical self-defense.  In 2005 Sifu Michael retired from professional fighting and expanded the school to start teaching Mixed Martial Arts, made famous by the expansion of the UFC, to the public.

Since then the school evolved into a fully functional gym including fitness boot-camps and weightlifting.  Most of the systems taught at the school are simply offshoots of the Chinese Kickboxing that is the foundation of Sifu Michael’s style including Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu/SAMBO and Krav Maga.  Members are encouraged to pursue a focus that appeals to their immediate needs, whether that be personal protection, fitness, personal improvement, performance or combat sports.

Combat Sports:
Combat sports are sports based on martial skills.  Some of these, as an example, are boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and MMA. 

Personal Protection:
For those who are interested in protecting themselves and their loved ones we have our Krav Maga program which teaches combat applications of Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing.  Individuals find this system practical and efficient, addressing defense scenarios such as single attackers, multiple attackers, as well as armed attackers.

Getting in shape like a fighter is never boring.  You don’t have to get hit to train like a fighter.  Fighters train every part of their body.  Here at Valhalla we hold boot-camps and training sessions that are always challenging members while keeping everything fresh and new.

Performance Arts and Sports:
These are the martial arts practices which emphasize performance and exhibition.  This can be movie and stage type fight choreography, parkour (also known as free running), and freestyle which looks a lot like dance performance.  This can be fun for those who are interested in the martial arts but not necessarily into the combat aspect.Type your paragraph here.