Structure + Freedom

We know that one size (or style) doesn't fit all. 

Valhalla has an open minded modern approach to martial arts instruction.

We offer structured traditional curriculum for those who  like a planned out approach to their training and want to work a specific path.

But, perhaps even more importantly, we also cater to individuals who want the flexibility to work on any aspect of their stand-up, take-down, or ground games without the constraints of a single route of progression.

Train in any class, any style, any time (as long as it's appropriate for your age).

We'll see you there! 


Rising Phoenix Kung-fu

Krav Maga

Competition/Sport MMA

Start Your Training

$49 for 3 Weeks!

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Youth Classes

Little Dragons ages 3-5

Junior Dragons ages 6-8

Big Dragons ages 8-13

Additional Benefits

We offer unlimited access (during business hours) to the fitness and training facility.

Attend as many classes as you like, in any martial art style.

We have a passionate commitment towards our members and support their development and achievement, for your convenience we also offer:

  • Complete line of fitness equipment for strength and conditioning, featuring:
    • Weight Benches
    • ​Weight Machines
    • Variable resistance circuit equipment
    • Kettlebells, dumbells, sledge hammer, battle ropes, and more.
  • MMA Cage for sparring
  • Dietary and fitness advice


Muay Thai




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Jiu Jitsu


Russian Sambo